Hey, so i am really loathe to do this but, I have to move out this saturday and am going through some legal issues with the place I worked regarding the fact that they are not paying me and breaking some labor laws so I am pretty broke (I have like $27.53) and don’t start my new job until friday at the least. I am hoping to have a little income around thursday or so but not enough to pay the $500 deposit for the place I am moving into. I am COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT. So if you noticed there’s a little donate button at the very bottom of my blog and I am just asking for a little help. I will pay back every penny within the next 3 months so if anyone on here has a little to spare I would really appreciate it. If not, just to signal boost. A lot of my money now goes towards my medical bills from when I was hospitalized without insurance so it’s been hard to save up. If you could signal boost or donate either from my page or the direct link here i would really appreciate it. I can make soft grunge icons if that sweetens the pot. Thanks for anyone who donates or boosts.